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Dilemma facing the youth: Series #1

Dear my respected brothers and Noble sisters in Islam

Asalamu Alaikum Warhmatu Allahi Wabarkatuh

Know May Allah have Mercy upon you that the matter of youth is a very important one. Since the Youth have the most ENERGY, the most FREE TIME and of course the MOST PROBLEMS we would like to start this very important topic “Dilemma Facing the Youth” By Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Uthaymeen Rahimahoo Allah. So with the aid of Allah we will start this as a series.

Series #1: Introduction to the Dilemma facing the youth

Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Uthaymeen Rahimahoo Allah said

Verily all praises are due to Allaah. We praise and glorify him, we seek help from him, we ask of his forgiveness and we tum to him. We seek refuge in him from the evil within us and from our evil deeds. Whomsoever Allaah guides there is no one to mislead him and whomsoever Allaah misguides, there is no one to guide him. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, who is one, and he has no partner. I bear witness that Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam is his servant and his messenger. May Allaah bestow Durood (His choicest blessings) upon him and his noble family and companions and those who followed them with excellence
It gives me great pleasure to present to my brothers a very serious problem not only in Islaamic society but in every society, and that is the problem facing the youth in this age. The hearts of the youth are sicken with psychological problems which sometimes makes them uneasy with life and they spend their energies in trying to free themselves from those difficulties and removing that sorrow. The removal of the difficulties will will never take place except with Deen (Religion) and character in which there is the strengthening of society and the betterment of this world and the hereafter. With this (religion and character), goodness and blessings will descend and evil and calamities will end.
Countries do prosper except with the help of its citizens and religion does not gain strength except with its followers. When the followers of Islaam will stand up for it, Allaah will help them no matter how many enemies they have.

Allaah Ta’ala says
O believers, if you help Allaah’s cause, he will help you and make your feet firm (against your enemies) and those who disbelieved woe unto them and their actions are in vain.” [47:7,8]

If Deen (religion) cannot be strong except with it’s followers, then it is necessary for us, the followers of Islaam and it’s flag-bearers, that we firstly stregthen ourselves so that we may become worthy of leadership and guidance. It is imperative that we learn from the book of Allaah (The Qur’aan) and the Sunnah of his Rasool (Messenger) sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam which will equip us for speech, action, guiding and inviting. This will enable us to carry the weapons of the guidance of Islaam to all those who seek the truth and also to wield it against all those who seek falsehood.

Then it is necessary for us to put into practice what we have learnt from the Qur’aan and Sunnah, on the basis of Eemaan (faith), conviction and sincerity Our characteristic should not be one of speech only because if speech is not backed up by action, it’s effect will not extend beyond the speaker and this speech will have an opposite elect
O believers, why do you say that which you do not do. It is most hateful in the sight of Allaah that you say that which you do not practice.” [61:2-3]

It is most appropriate for us that we start at the beginning and ponder over our youth and their thoughts and actions, so that we may increase those which are good and correct those who are incorrect because the youth of today are the men of tomorrow and they are the foundation on which a future nation will be built. It is for this reason that the text of the Sharee’ah (Islaamic Law) has encouraged giving the youth due consideration and directing them to which is good and correct. They are the basis of the Ummah of which it’s future will be built and if their reformation is grounded upon the strong pillars of the Deen
(Religion) and character, there will be a brilliant future for this Ummah, if Allaah wills

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End of the series #1, please follow the up with series #2

May Allah grant us success, Ameen
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