Posted by: islaambasics | February 27, 2011

How should one Recite the Du’a of Qunoot

Ash-Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd, may Allah have mercy upon him, said:

“ Verily reciting the du’a while beautifying ones voice, extending
the letters and out crying it is a great evil which negates the form
of humility ,the form of supplication and worship, which is a cause of
riyaa (showing off) and to become amazed of oneself and(a cause) to
make ones goal to astonish the people of him.The modern and earlier
scholars have criticized he who performs that… rather he should recite
the du’a with his usual voice while being in a form of humility and
supplication, being free from that which was mentioned (above) and
leaving off these burdens that which divert the heart from being
attached to his lord (meaning leaving off that which distracts him
from the remembrance of his lord).”

Reference: Du’a al-Qunoot, page 7, print: Daar Ibnul Hazam



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